RaWiri Residents’ Association

RaWiri Residents’ Association provides community services and facilities from the Rata Vine Community House that are beneficial for the residents of Rata Vine, Wiri and the wider Community. Services include local MP weekly clinic in the house; after school computer centre and homework programme; training of volunteers and co-ordination of the RaWiri Safety Patrol; cooking classes to provide healthy meals on a low income; and continued development of the community garden.

They have computers available to assist with finding employment and offer assistance with writing CVs and cover letters, and now offer Skinny Jump – prepay home broadband with no contract, no credit checks and no set-up charges. Contact Liz Kiriona 09 263 8202 or liz@rawiri.org

More information: www.rawiri.org
Address: 1 Rata Vine Drive Wiri Manukau
Region: Auckland

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