What is the aim of this map?

The aim of the map is to give visibility to digital inclusion projects and resources in New Zealand and to

  • make it easy for people to find digital inclusion projects and resources near them
  • encourage greater take up of, and support for, digital inclusion initiatives
  • encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing between projects.

Tackling Digital Inclusion is one of the 20/20 Trust’s 5 strategic goals and the major focus:

3. Digital Inclusion

To ensure that every citizen is able to participate in New Zealand’s digital society, and that no-one is left behind – requiring a focus on disadvantaged groups.

How can I help?

Funding for the inclusion map covered just the development of the prototype and some functional additions. It is now maintained by voluntary effort and we would love your help.

If you feel it is a useful and valuable New Zealand resource, please help by, for example,

  • suggesting new resources (digitalinclusion.nz/suggest-a-new-resource)
  • telling people about the map – spread the word!
  • volunteer time (even if only a couple of hours) to seek out new resources, add them to the map and help keep information up to date
  • using and giving feedback on its user interface
  • funding improvements in the user interface to the map and further develop its functionality
  • other ways?

Contact web@digitalinclusionalliance.nz to offer your help or feedback

Why can’t I see some resources?

Probably because you’ve selected some filters (Resource Category, Region, Programme or Organisation) that subset the resources shown.  For example, you may have selected SeniorNet plus a resource type that SeniorNet don’t have, or selected ‘Auckland’ region but be zoomed in on another part of the map.  Click through the filters deselecting any unwanted; or Reset the map to ALL New Zealand, ALL resources (map will take several seconds to load).

Who and what can be listed?

Any New Zealand project, organisation, resource or initiative that:

  • has a digital inclusion focus
  • is inclusive, useful, informative, inspiring, exemplar or thought provoking
  • has resources they want to share or publicise

Initiatives do not have to be completely non-commercial or totally focused on digital inclusion, as long as they are relevant and aligned.

We reserve the right to not publish resources that, in our opinion, do not match the site purpose closely enough.

Does it have to be something I’m involved with?

No – just a good initiative that deserves to be better known, whether by locals who might use it, and/or New Zealand wide by people interested in digital inclusion.

What information is needed?

Enough to find the resource, and to keep it up to date.  See the ‘Add a #digitalpin form‘ for details.

Who can suggest a resource?

Anyone! You don’t need full details, just tell us what you can – we will hunt out the rest.  We use publicly available information.

If your organisation has many resources to add, please tell us with the feedback form. We can do a bulk upload of your resources.

What if we don’t want to be listed?

Contact us and we’ll remove the listing. We list public information.

How can we get features added?

Ask us!  And if you can help in any way, please let us know. Currently this is an unfunded pilot – we need funding partners.

We can only keep and improve this website if it’s shown to be useful, and if we get sufficient support. So spread the word.

How will it be kept accurate and up to date?

Every resource detail page has a link for emailing corrections, and we have email links for its update.  We plan to periodically email resource owners to ask them to check their listing. We also hope to add an edit interface so they can update their details online.

Can we put a map on our website?

Contact us if you want to include a map showing your digital inclusion projects on your website.  We’ve already developed a quick and easy way to do this and would love to help.

If you’d like a similar map but with a focus on a different area (e.g. mental health resources) please contact us. You may be able to build on what we have done.

Why are some icons floating in the Tasman Sea?

Some resources worth listing are only available online, from ‘virtual’ organisation with no physical address, or from overseas.  So we’ve put them offshore…

Other questions?

Send us feedback, or try searching with the search box below.