Welcome to the prototype Digital Inclusion map

The aim of the map is to give visibility to digital inclusion projects and resources in New Zealand and to

  • make it easy for people to find digital inclusion projects and resources near them
  • encourage greater take up of, and support for, digital inclusion initiatives
  • encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing between projects.

This Digital Inclusion map prototype was piloted at the InternetNZ NetHui 2015 and is changing and growing with use and experience.

Functionality added since release

We’ve added the ability to:,

  • subset by programme, organisation and audience, as well as resource type and region
  • upload digital resources in bulk from a csv file (contact us to get the format/specification)
  • include a digital map on your website – for example showing just your organisations resources and projects

New version being worked on with InternetNZ

In partnership with InternetNZ, in 2017 we are working on a new version, adding data-layers from the 2013 Census, Broadband coverage map and other data-sets, to make it a truly useful tool for policy analysts, practitioners and researchers tackling digital exclusion and the digital divide.  All Digital PIN information will be taken over to the new version, and we’d like this to be as complete as possible and up-to-date as possible.

So please Suggest a new digital resource with the form on this website or  contact us about sending us a bulk upload.

Why is 20/20 leading a Digital Inclusion map?

Good information is key to tackling Digital Inclusion, one of 20/20’s strategic goals:

To ensure that every citizen is able to participate in New Zealand’s digital society, and that no-one is left behind – requiring a focus on disadvantaged groups.

underpinning our mission

New Zealanders fully participating in the digital world

This is very similar to part of the government’s digital economy strategy :

Ensuring New Zealanders can fully participate in a digital world to realise the educational, economic and social benefits of ICT.

The Digital Inclusion NZ map is a initiative of the 20/20 Trust.  The Trust works for digital inclusion, managing and promoting digital literacy initiatives, and partnering organisations throughout New Zealand to deliver to their communities, test out innovative approaches and share ideas and experience.

New Zealanders fully participating in our digital world