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  • 20/20 Trust Multiple Categories

    20/20 Trust

    Kaupapa / The reason we exist.

    A Better Aotearoa New Zealand. Using our skills and experience to foster community well-being.

    Te Mahi / The work we do.

    Prepare people and equip communities for the digital future. Provide access, skills, confidence and motivation.

    Te Tangata / The people we work with.

    Through our community partners – reaching out to those who are digitally excluded and hard to reach.

    Whanaungataga / The approach we take.

    Trustworthy, responsive, respectful, open and vibrant

    We offer Connect Programmes across New Zealand  Family Connect, Refugee Connect, CiH Connect, Northland Connect and Pasifika Seniors Connect,    Wellington region

  • 23teaching: online course for NZ Multiple Categories

    23 Things for Teaching is a free online learning series for NZ teachers on digital technologies, from The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education and Social Work. It contains resources from a self-paced online course run in 2016.

  • Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa Multiple Categories

    APNK provides free computer, Internet access and Wi-Fi at 147 public libraries, so that people can live, learn and create in the digital world.

    The Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) is a service provided by public libraries and the National Library of New Zealand.    Nationwide, office in Christchurch region

  • Appy Seniors Computer Training

    Appy Seniors is an age-friendly community programme to help seniors to engage in the digital world using apps on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Learners will benefit from a 2-hour tutorial in apps of their choice. The programme provides opportunities for seniors to learn practical skills and solutions to help them take full advantage of the digital age. Learn how to use your smartphone for more than just phone calls. Become app-savvy and gain digital confidence by understanding how to access, download, and use a range of apps.

    Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa is the national Appy Seniors partner, working with local partners who make Appy Seniors available in their area. Contact your local partner or read full details here.    Nationwide region

  • Better Digital Futures for Seniors Computer Training

    Better Digital Futures for Seniors is a nationwide programme for seniors (people aged 65+) seeking help in going online. Participants choose a Digital Pathway to learn new skills and build confidence using computers, smartphones, or tablets, and the internet. Each Pathway is four x 2 hour long classes delivered in a small group at local libraries, community centres, retirement homes and other locations throughout the country. Learners can attend any of the pathways, depending on confidence level and experience with digital technologies.

    Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa is the national Better Digital Futures partner, working with local partners who make Better Digital Futures available in their area. Contact your local partner or read full details here.

  • Code Club Aotearoa Digital Inclusion Orgn.

    Giving every kiwi kid the opportunity to learn to code, 335+ free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs around Aotearoa encourage kids to combine their imaginations with programming. Part of Code Club World; partnering with The Raspberry Pi Foundation gives access to high-quality learn-to-code resources.    Nationwide region

  • Community Networks Aotearoa Digital Inclusion Orgn.

    The umbrella organisation for local community networks, Community Houses, REAPS and others in New Zealand, using our collective voice for policy action, social change and community empowerment. Members include not-for-profit and voluntary social service organisations, many working for digital inclusion.    Nationwide, office in Wellington region

  • Community Research Research and resources

    The Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary Sector Research Centre is an online place to share your research, find quality community-based research and toolkits and skilled researchers who work with communities.    Online, office in Wellington region

  • Computer Science 4 High Schools grants Computer Training

    Google’s CS4HS gives grants to universities to develop 2-3 day workshops for local school teachers around teaching computer science & concepts in fun, relevant ways. NZ Conferences Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury.    Nationwide region

  • Computers in Homes (20/20 and partners) Multiple Categories

    Computers in Homes worked with low-decile schools and Trusts to provide computer training, technical support, refurbished computers and subsidised Internet to families across New Zealand. A 20/20 Trust digital inclusion initiative, it reached 19,000 students’ homes before funding was not renewed.

    Some local partners continue with local funding- notably in Porirua and Northland – and 20/20’s Connect series of projects helps families, refugees, seniors and other New Zealanders at most risk of digital exclusion.    Nationwide region

  • Digital Inclusion – ITU Research and resources

    Digital Inclusion in the International Telecommunications Union promotes ICT accessibility and use for social/economic development of: * indigenous peoples and in rural areas; * people with disabilities; * women and girls; * youth and children. The site has resources for each group.    Online / International region

  • Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa Multiple Categories

    The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) purpose is: to work collaboratively with Alliance Partners in delivering digital inclusion programmes to their communities; pursue funding for inclusion initiatives; provide a forum for sharing information, tools and resources, outcome metrics and results; be a voice for digitally under-served and disadvantaged communities; and promote a joined-up whole-of-community approach in pursuing a more digitally included society.

    The Alliance also coordinates the Stepping UP, Skinny Jump and Better Digital Futures for Seniors programmes.    Wellington based, programmes nationwide region

  • Digital Resources Research and resources

    Has articles, step-by-step instructions, tips and videos to help you understand technology and digital services. Offers free independent advice for businesses, schools, not for profits and individuals.  Also supports Digital Journey assessment tool on – get a free digital assessment and Action Plan on how to transform your Internet use.    Online region

  • Digital Wings Trust Multiple Categories

    Digital Wings helps organisations responsibly dispose of their upgrade equipment by contributing them to charities, not-for-profit and whānau/ hapῡ community organisations. RemarkIT Solutions processes donated equipment, securely wiping all data and refurbishing it.
    Our main focus is youth ‘education to employment’, but donors can nominate charities. Digital Wings cannot assist individuals. Visit us on Facebook page for news.    Nationwide region

  • DORA: Digital Inclusion Alliance Computer Training

    DORA is an old school bus converted into a high tech digital learning centre for the DIAA’s Stepping UP and other programmes. Up to 15 people can train with onboard laptops, Chromebooks, satellite and 3G internet connections. DORA travels around NZ supporting digital inclusion programmes that need a mobile classroom.

    If you would like to use DORA in your local digital inclusion or digital literacy programme, contact DIAA 0800 GoDIAA (0800 463 422) to discuss.    Nationwide region

  • Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies Computer Training

    SeniorNet brings older adults and technology together in a friendly, fun and stress-free way. It’s for people over the age of 50 who’d like to learn more about technology and what it can do for them. Small, well organised classes, with volunteer tutors, in 80 branches nationwide    Nationwide region

  • Gather Coding Workshops Computer Training

    Learning coding from industry professionals at these one day (6 hour) workshops. All of our modules are suitable for anyone. Our aim is to ultimately help transform New Zealand into the tech hub of the South Pacific.    Nationwide region

  • Good Things Foundations (UK) Multiple Categories

    “A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM DIGITAL We are a social change charity, helping people to improve their lives through digital, working in thousands of communities across the UK and internationally to deliver deep impact at scale.”    UK / Online region

  • Hour of Code Digital Inclusion Project

    The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries with 253 events in NZ in 2016. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event, using free resources, during Computer Science Education Week in early December. One-hour tutorials are available in over 45 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.    Nationwide region

  • ICDL: international computer certification Computer Training

    This high-quality online training enables you to learn and certify your computer skills to an internationally recognised standard. Modules range from introductory to advanced spreadsheets. Managed by the 20/20 Trust until December 2019, it is now managed from ICDL Asia.

    If you are interested in using ICDL as part of your training programme please contact Justin Seow Wensheng (    Nationwide region

  • ICT Connect Digital Inclusion Project

    ICT-Connect is IT Professionals NZ (ITP) national in-school programme which inspires and educates young people about their future in the ICT industry. It puts software and Information Technology (IT) professionals face-to-face with students in class, where they introduce diverse opportunities and pathways in their industry.    Nationwide region

  • Innovation Partnership Multiple Categories

    The Partnership is a network of organisations that support digital innovation in New Zealand across business, education and government. It connects industry, government and not-for-profits, commissions research into important issues, and supports and promotes innovative digital projects.    Nationwide region

  • InternetNZ: keeping our ‘net open and uncapturable Multiple Categories

    InternetNZ oversees  the Internet in New Zealand, manages the .nz domain names registry, and provides funding to community organisations and individuals through events like NetHui, community grants, scholarships, research, awards and funding for strategic partners including Netsafe and the 20/20 Trust.    Wellington and Auckland region

  • Kiwiskills for Jobseekers Computer Training

    Thanks to the generous funding support from the Lottery Grants Board, the KiwiSkills programme successfully increased the digital skills of 7500 people across NZ. A 20/20 Trust programme, it finished in 2018 due to lack of funding.    Nationwide region

  • Linkage Research and resources

    We use smart technology to help people access health and social services. Our directory of work related trainers includes digital skills trainers. Based in Hamilton, with staff in Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Taranaki, Wellington, Canterbury.

  • National Broadband Map Research and resources

    Find what kind of internet you can get around New Zealand on the National Broadband Map. The National Broadband Map is provided by InternetNZ using Internet availability data supplied by network providers and with the help of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment. The map may not be 100% accurate or quite complete, and welcomes contact by any provider of copper, fibre, mobile or wireless infrastructure.    Nationwide region

  • National Digital Inclusion Alliance (USA) Digital Inclusion Orgn.

    The NDIA is “is a unified voice for home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices and local technology training and support programs.   We work collaboratively to craft, identify and disseminate financial and operational resources for digital inclusion programs while serving as a bridge to policymakers and the general public.”    Online / USA region

  • National Library Research and resources

    The Library has a wealth of digital resources, including DigitalNZ, National Digital Heritage Archive, and Living Heritage, where students celebrate the heritage of New Zealand and Pacific Islands, publishing their Heritage stories online.    Wellington & Online region

  • National Science-Technology Roadshow Digital Inclusion Project

    NZ’s premiere hands-on science education programme. Live shows, hands-on exhibits and teacher resources that broaden student knowledge and experience; connecting with science and technology and the world around them.  Every year the Science Roadshow is experienced by around 47,000 students, 6000 teachers and accompanying adults from over 600 schools nationwide!    Nationwide region

  • Neighbourly Digital Inclusion Project

    Neighbourly lets you connect with neighbours and community using a private local website. It’s a free service to make your neighbourhood a safer, better place to live. Share news on events, issues, lost pets…    Online (Auckland based) region

  • NetSafe: The Internet Safety Group Digital Inclusion Orgn.

    NetSafe is the leading NZ source of internet safety and security information. Netsafe supports all New Zealanders to reduce their chance of coming unstuck online and supports them if they do. NetSafe provides educational, incident response and advisory services to individual internet users, schools, government, commercial and civil society    Online region

  • Network 4 Learning Auckland Digital Inclusion Project

    The Government created Network 4 Learning (N4L) builds and manages a network for New Zealand’s 2500+ schools and creates an environment that encourages the uptake of digital learning in a seamless way.    Nationwide service, office in Auckland region

  • Network 4 Learning Wellington Digital Inclusion Project

    The Government created Network 4 Learning (N4L) builds and manages a network for New Zealand’s 2500+ schools and creates an environment that encourages the uptake of digital learning in a seamless way.    Nationwide service, Wellington office region

  • OMG Tech! Digital Inclusion Project

    OMG Tech! plans to open up the world of future tech to every Kiwi kid. Over 3 years OMGTech aims to give every primary & intermediate school in NZ the chance to take part in its award winning workshops, connecting over 4,000 industry volunteers as role models and inspirers.    Auckland region

  • Online or Nationwide resources

    Listed under Online or Nationwide you will find digital inclusion resources that have no one geographical location.

  • Pond, the Network for Learning Portal Digital Inclusion Project

    The best place of its kind for New Zealand educators and learners to discover, share and grow. It is a great resource sharing site for teachers, and for providers of content or services to New Zealand schools.    Online region

  • Skinny Jump Digital Inclusion Project

    Skinny Jump is for New Zealanders who don’t have a broadband connection at home because cost is a barrier.

    Jump is a flexible pre-paid service, offering 30 days/35 GB of data for just $5, a quarter of the price of the cheapest commercial services available.
    No fibre or landline connection, no installation cost, no credit references or credit checks needed.

    It is for those most at risk of digital exclusion:

    • Families with children
    • Job seekers
    • Seniors
    • People with disabilities
    • Refugees and migrant communities
    • Those in social housing

    Find out if you can get Jump.

    DIAA is the national Jump partner, working with local partners who make Jump available in their area. Contact your local partner or read full details here. 

    Skinny Jump replaces Spark Foundation’s Spark Jump.    Nationwide region

  • Spark WiFi – over 1,000 locations Wireless/WiFi

    Spark have 1000+ locations where you can connect and use 1GB a day – look for the pink WiFi phone boxes or WiFi signs, or check the Spark WiFi map here. Free with Skinny Jump, Spark home Broadband and selected Mobile plans.    Nationwide region

  • STEAM Ahead Digital Inclusion Project

    STEAM ahead is a series of events that help mums and their teenage daughters meet women who work in Science, Engineering and Technology fields. We want to see more women choose careers that are both fulfilling and future-proof.    Nationwide region

  • Step By Step Training Ltd Computer Training

    Provides computer and vocational training, particularly in Microsoft Applications. NZQA accredited one-to-one training in 35 cities and towns, using modern computer software. WINZ beneficiaries with Training Incentive Allowance can study for free.    Nationwide region

  • Stepping UP (DIAA and partners) Computer Training

    Stepping UP (also known as Digital Steps) is a free community-based digital literacy programme that supports adults to build their digital skills in small easy steps, relevant to their life and interests.. Anyone who wishes to develop their computer, smartphone, tablet or general online skills is welcome to attend. Taught in informal classes nationwide in local libraries, community centres, and other locations throughout the country.

    Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa is the national Stepping UP partner, working with local partners who make Stepping UP available in their area. Contact your local partner or read full details here.    Nationwide region